Here at Cricket Hill Financial Planning Ltd, we believe that all companies wishing to create a long-term successful and sustainable business should consider the impact of their business on the environment, and seek to minimise negative effects. Our firm takes sustainability and the obligation that we have to safeguard the environment very seriously. We aim to create a healthy working environment that has a minimal negative impact on the wider environment.

We are actively moving towards a more sustainable practice and to facilitate this I have taken on the role of Sustainability Champion within our business, helping colleagues to keep on track with our initiatives, for example reducing our company carbon footprint through the use of less paper and supporting our work at home programme to reduce CO2 emissions from transport. We are also phasing out single-use plastics in our office and already recycle card and paper amongst other activities. We use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as guiding principles, and we are always striving to improve our practice. This is now a key development area for us as we strive to embed sustainable practice within our day-to-day business here at Cricket Hill Financial Planning Ltd. 

Sustainability Champion

Sarah Sheard
Company Director